Cuban sandwichBest Authentic Cuban Food in Tallahassee!


Includes regular size fountain drink, and black beans with white rice.

You MAY substitute the side for yuca con mojo, maduros, tostones, French fries, yellow rice or soup only. Yellow rice and beans, or Yuca Frita are an additional .50 cents. A side salad is also available to substitute for $1.00 additional. Double meat (per sandwich) $3.95

Kids Menu

Cubanito $3.95 Pollocito $3.95 Grilled Cheese $3.50 Rice and Beans and Maduros $3.50

Sandwiches are served with a small drink and choice of French fries or rice and beans.

  • pressed Sandwiches
  • Entrees
  • Soups/sides/desserts


Arroz con Pollo

Traditional version of chicken and yellow rice, maduros


Pollo Asado

Roast chicken with white rice and beans and maduros


Lechon Asado

Slow roasted pork, shredded; rice and beans, yucca, maduros



Stewed ground beef, tomato, onion, green pepper, olives, white rice and beans, maduros


Ropa Vieja

Traditional shredded beef stew with white rice and maduros


Platos de Vegetarianos

White rice and beans, maduros or tostones, yuca, side salad


Masitas de Puerco

Marinated deep fried pork chunks, white rice and beans, yuca, maduros


Little Havana

Cuban roast pork with white rice and beans, yuca, maduros



Grilled steak, chicken breast or white fish fillet, rice and beans, yuca, maduros


Soup and Salads

Our Famous Black Bean Soup!
Cup $3.95 Bowl $4.95


Ensalada de Pollo- Grilled boneless chicken breast $12.95
Ensalada Especiale- Roast pork, ham, cheese $12.95
House Salad
Small House Salad- $4.50
Large House Salad- $6.50

Soup & Salad

Small $7.95
Large $9.95



White Rice and Beans


Platanos Tostone


Yellow Rice and Beans


Papa Rellenas (3)


Beef Empanadas (1)


Papa Rellenas (1)


Beef Empanadas (3)


White Rice


Jamon Croquettas (3)


French Fries


Jamon Croquettas (6)


Yuca Frita


Yuca con Mojo


Yellow Rice


Yuca con Mojo


Garlic Bread


Platanos Maduros​